Frictionless Payments

Checkout Made Simple, Secure  & Easy

Unique online shopping experience!

Give your customers a simple and friendly checkout experience which they all deserve, regardless of the payment options.

How PAY2M can help you grow?

Increase the frequency of transactions per customer by minimizing friction from payment on checkout and create a robust user experience for different channels.

Recurring Payments

Recurring transactions allow you to charge your customer’s card a specific amount on a regular basis using the purchase operation configured in single message mode and also there is Subscription Service where it allows you to create and schedule recurring subscriptions for your customers


The Token service allows the merchant to store the customer’s credit card details in a safe and secure environment and substituting the customer’s sensitive card details with a non-sensitive equivalent referred to as a Token.The Token can be used to process transactions without the use of the card details

Secure Payments

With the implementation of our 3D Secure feature, safe and convenient online Debit/Credit Card shopping is now a reality. You can purchase and pay with funds